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45nm SOI

The Foundry Offering. The IP. The Collaboration. > It’s All Here IBM Announces the Industry’s First 45nm SOI Foundry Offering. IBM

2008: ARM Lays the SOI Foundation

This fall, ARM will be rolling out key physical IP libraries, opening the door to broad SOI adoption. As the leading processor IP company, ARM i

Recent Conference Proceedings

International SiGe Technology and Device Meeting (ISTDM) May 2008, Hsinchu, Taiwan • Defect Delineation and Characterization in SiGe,

Now that UMC has successfully taped-out a test chip built with ARM SOI libraries

Now that UMC has successfully taped-out a test chip built with ARM SOI libraries on UMC’s 65nm SOI process, a full process


With a full 65nm PDK in place for SOC designers, initial analysis indicates that SOI offers significant power savings and speed boost. UMC’s

SOI for ASICs: Right Into the Flow

Here’s why ARM, the industry’s leading provider of intellectual property for processor, peripheral and SoC design, sees SOI technology as a

Towards an Engineered Substrates Ecosystem: A Model for Collaborative Innovation

The CEO and co-founder of Soitec shares his vision of how partnership speeds the proliferation of SOI and other engineered substrates. The adva

ARM Moves Into SOI

ARM Holdings, the industry’s leading provider of semiconductor IP for processors, peripherals and SoC solutions, is strengthening its physical

SOI By Design

The widening availability of tools and services is good news for designers in the fabless/foundry arena considering the move to SO

Cost Impact of Switching From Bulk to SOI

Overall the cost of an SOI chip is not higher than bulk and may even be lower, depending on the appl