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New SOI Textbook (and e-book) with contributions by experts at Soitec, GF, TSMC, Leti and more

A new book entitled Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Technology, Manufacture and Applications (1st Edition) features contributions by experts at Soitec, GF, TSMC, Leti and more.

Billed as “a complete review of this rapidly growing high-speed, low-power semiconductor technology,” the book covers the entire SOI spectrum, from Moore to More than Moore.  It goes into SOI wafer technology,  electrical properties, modeling, PD-SOI, FD-SOI, FinFETs and junctionless transistors, RF, ultralow-power, photonics, memory, power and MEMS.  (See Table of Contents here.) This book should be a central resource for those working in the semiconductor industry, for circuit design engineers, and for academics, as well as for electrical engineers in the automotive and consumer electronics sectors.

Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) Technology, Manufacture and Applications is published by Woodhead Publishing, and is also available in print and ebook forms from major online retailers such as Amazon, Elsevier and Barnes & Noble. It was compiled and edited by Oleg Kononchuk, chief scientist at Soitec, France, and Bich-Yen Nguyen, a senior fellow at Soitec, USA.

New edition of Taur & Ning’s classic VLSI design textbook adds chapter on SOI

Taur_coverIn a new edition (2013) of Taur and Ning’s Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Devices, the authors have added a chapter on SOI devices.  The first edition of the book was widely adopted as a standard textbook in microelectronics in many major US universities and worldwide.  Reviewers on Amazon called the first edition of this book (1998) “best textbook I used” and the “Bible for microelectronic device engineers”.  Now available as an eBook as well as in hardcover and paperback from Cambridge University Press (click here for details), this new edition will also be a valuable reference volume for practicing engineers involved in research and development in the electronics industry.  As Professor Mark Lundstrom of Purdue noted, “The best book of its kind is now even better.”

A professor at UC San Diego, Yuan Taur spent twenty years at IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center. Tak H. Ning is an IBM Fellow at the T. J. Watson Research Center, where he has worked for over 35 years.

New Fossum & Trivedi book on FD-SOI and FinFETs (available as eBook, too)

Fossum_coverA new book by two giants in SOI – Jerry Fossum of U. Florida/Gainesville and Vishal Trivedi of Freescale –  delves into the Fundamentals of Ultra-Thin-Body MOSFETs and FinFETs.  Available from Cambridge University Press in both hardcover and eBook formats (click here for more information), it covers theory, design and applications of FD-SOI MOSFETs and FinFETs (you can review the Table of Contents here). The book is billed as “a must-have resource” for professional engineers in the CMOS IC field who need to know about optimal nonclassical device design and integration.

ASN readers will remember that Dr. Fossum won the IEEE/EDS J. J. Ebers Award in 2004 for ‘outstanding contributions to the advancement of SOI CMOS devices and circuits through modeling’.  They also may remember his concise, elegant argument back in 2007 (see article here) as to why SOI represents a pragmatic approach to FinFETs.

Industry Experts Contribute to New Book on MuGFETs

Jean-Pierre Colinge brings together work from top researchers in physics, design and fabrication of advanced devices.

Jean-Pierre Colinge has edited a recent addition to Springer’s Integrated Circuits and Systems Series, entitled FinFETs and Other Multi-Gate Transistors. A well-known figure in the SOI world, Colinge brings together chapters contributed by some of the world’s leading experts on multigate FET (MuGFET) technology. In addition to Colinge, contributors include Wade Xiong of TI, Olivier Faynot of CEA-LETI (both of whom also have articles in this current edition of ASN), Chenming Hu of UC Berkeley, and Gerhard Knoblinger of Infineon. Read More

Seminal SOI Book from IBM Reissued in Paperback

Bernstein and Rohrer’s introduction to SOI device physics and design concepts guides students and engineers through the fundamentals.

Springer has issued a paperback edition of SOI Circuit Design Concepts by Kerry Bernstein and Norman J. Rohrer of IBM.

Bernstein recalls that when the book was first published and put on sale at ISSCC in 2000, IBM had just announced SOI. At the conference, Bernstein gave a sold-out tutorial. “It was a very exciting time,” he recalls. Read More

Books & Journals

SOI Materials and Devices, S. Cristoloveanu and G. K. Celler, Chapter 4 of Handbook of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, 2nd edition, edited by R. Doering and Y. Nishi (CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, Fl, 2007), pages 4-1 to 4-52

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Observation of Threshold-Voltage Instability in Single-Crystal Silicon TFTs on Flexible Plastic Substrate, Hao-Chih Yuan, George K. Celler, and Zhenqiang Ma ,IEEE Electron Device Letters, 28 (7), pp. 590-592  (July 2007). (U.Wisconsin-Madison, Soitec)

Study of HCl and Secco Defect Etching for Characterization of Thick sSOI, A. Abbadie, S. W. Bedell, J. M. Hartmann, D. K. Sadana, F. Brunier, C. Figuet, and I. Cayrefourcq, J Electrochem Soc. 154 (8), H713-H719 (2007). (Soitec, IBM, LETI)

Comparison of platelet formation in hydrogen and helium-implanted silicon, X. Hebras, P. Nguyen, K. K Bourdelle, F. Letertre, N. Cherkashin, and A.Claverie, Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research B, 262,  pp. 24-28 (Aug. 2007).  (Soitec, CEMES/CNRS)

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Effects of high-temperature anneals and 60Co gamma-ray irradiation on strained silicon on insulator, K. Park, M. Canonico, G. K. Celler, M. Seacrist, J.Chan, J. Gelpey, K. E. Holbert, S. Nakagawa and M. Tajima, and D. K. Schroder. J. Appl. Phys. 102, 074507 (Oct. 2007). (Arizona State U., Freescale, Soitec, MEMC, Mattson, JAXA)

New Textbook on FD-SOI Circuit Technology from Springer

31 of Japan’s leading SOI experts explain design for ultra-low-power applications


Leading experts expect the next-generation of device technology for ultra-low-power applications to be based on FD (fully-depleted) SOI MOSFETs. For circuit designers and university students who would like to learn about FD-SOI design, and get a basic understanding of the material technology and device physics, 31 experts from Japan have written a new textbook. It provides examples of unique circuit designs for ultra-low-power applications, as well as a brief history of SOI material technology and the basic operational mechanism of FD-SOI MOSFETs.

New Edition of SOI Book by J.-P. Colinge

Silicon-on-Insulator Technology: Materials to VLSI is now available from Springer.

The third edition of Professor Jean-Pierre Colinge’s book, Silicon-on-Insulator Technology: Materials to VLSI (ISBN: 1-4020-7773-4), is now available from www.springeronline.com.
A prolific author, Professor Colinge has written a book that covers the history of SOI technology and provides in-depth analyses of the physics, device properties and applications. It is recommended for both specialists and non-specialists, and as a textbook at the graduate level. •

SOI By the Book

A new book, SOI Device Technology by Makoto Yoshimi, PhD, covers the history of SOI, the floating body effect and a variety of LSI applications.

Language: Japanese Publisher: ED Research, Co. (Tokyo, Japan) www.edresearch.co.jp/FocusRepo/soi.html

An SOI pioneer (he began his research over 20 years ago for Toshiba), Makoto Yoshimi is now Chief Scientist of Soitec Asia. “This book describes what SOI is all about”, he says, “and provides an introduction for device engineers and graduate students.”

Dr. Shigeto Maegawa of Renesas Technology Corp. (Japan) notes that the book “…captures the enthusiasm of the engineers who worked so tenaciously to make SOI a reality.” •