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High-k and Metal Gates Pave the Way to Further Innovation

Here’s why HK+MG+SOI promises to be a winning combination. Seen as a necessary innovation to assure the IC scaling path, high-k gate diel

A Perspective on Multi-Gate MOSFETs

One of the world’s leading experts, Professor Fossum explains why SOI represents a pragmatic approach to future transistor generations. Based

Thin BOX: A Solution for High-Speed, Low-Power SoCs

Control of Si substrate bias in “Silicon on Thin BOX” suppresses leakage current at 45n

Ultra-Thin Body & Box (UTB²) SOI

As we approach the end of the roadmap, single gate FD SOI devices with ultra-thin BOX could pre-empt the need for double gate devices. It is we

SOI Substrates with Ultra-Thin BOX

Soitec is now sampling 25nm-thick UT-BOX. Advanced SOI with ultra thin buried oxide (UT-BOX), in which the insulating BOX layer is less than 50

UT BOX SOI: Engineering for Future Low-Power Applications

Ultra-thin buried oxide may solve some key design challenges at 32nm. Leading-edge microprocessors built on SOI have maximized performance whil

New Textbook on FD-SOI Circuit Technology from Springer

31 of Japan’s leading SOI experts explain design for ultra-low-power applications   Leading experts expect the next-generation of device

Self-Powered Short-Range Wireless System with MTCMOS/SOI LSIs

Ultralow-power MTCMOS/SOI technology enables self-powered wireless transmission by just touching a terminal Ultralow-power LSIs with 1- to

Freescale Semiconductor and researchers at the University of Florida

• Freescale Semiconductor and researchers at the University of Florida (Gainesville) lead by

Substrate strategies for high-performance and low-power applications at 45 nm

Two distinct technical strategies for advanced substrates will mark the 45nm node. One will be focused on high performance, the other driven by s