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Chartered’s Fab 7 Wins SI “Top Fab” Award

The world’s first pure-play foundry to offer SOI has received “Semiconductor International” magazine’s top honor.

Semiconductor International (SI) magazine has honored Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing’s Fab 7 with the “Top Fab” award for 2006.

With Fab 7, Chartered became the first pure-play foundry to expand into SOI when it began producing SOI-based chips in high-volume for IBM in mid-2005. Dr. Liang-Choo “LC” Hsia, the company’s Senior Vice President, Technology, has qualified the move as “a great success”. Read More


Chartered’s SOI Success Story

Chartered is the industry’s first pure-play foundry to expand into high-volume SOI production.

High-volume SOI at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing is a great success. January 2007 marks the three-year anniversary of the initial announcement that we would manufacture 90nm SOI products for IBM in volume-driven, high-performance solutions. Since we ramped production in mid-2005, we have shipped product on over 65K SOI wafers. Read More

ByGianni PRATA

Xbox® 360 Debuts New Gaming Generation

Microsoft’s custom PowerPC chip by IBM is based on SOI


Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which is expected to fly out of the stores this holiday season, has some very impressive figures to cite. The three-core PowerPC-based CPU, custom-made for Microsoft by IBM, boasts one teraflop of floating-point performance. Read More

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By adding production output on a steady year-to-year basis

• By adding production output on a steady year-to-year basis, AMD’s new 300mm Fab 36 in Dresden has the potential to ship as many as 100 million units in 2008, helping the company to meet growing demand for its SOI-based AMD64 processors. AMD expects the fab to be substantially converted to 65nm in by mid-2007.

ByGianni PRATA

Pilot production of Chartered Semiconductor

Pilot production of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing’s first 300-mm facility includes the 90nm SOI process tuned to IBM’s high-performance product needs.