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Construction on GlobalFoundries

Construction on GlobalFoundries’ Fab 2 in Saratoga County, New York, gets underway this summer, with full-scale manufacturing slated for 2012.

GlobalFoundries’ Achievement Award to Soitec

Continuing the long-standing tradition of parent company AMD, GlobalFoundries recently announced its World Class Suppliers of the Year 2008. T


GlobalFoundries Open for Business GlobalFoundries, a joint venture between AMD and the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) has been

Chartered’s Fab 7 Wins SI “Top Fab” Award

The world’s first pure-play foundry to offer SOI has received “Semiconductor International” magazine’s top honor. Semiconductor Interna

Chartered’s SOI Success Story

Chartered is the industry’s first pure-play foundry to expand into high-volume SOI production. High-volume SOI at Chartered Semiconductor Manu

Xbox® 360 Debuts New Gaming Generation

Microsoft’s custom PowerPC chip by IBM is based on SOI   Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which is expected to fly out of the stores this holiday

By adding production output on a steady year-to-year basis

• By adding production output on a steady year-to-year basis, AMD’s new 300mm Fab 36 in Dresden has the potential to ship as many as 100 mil

Pilot production of Chartered Semiconductor

Pilot production of Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing’s first 300-mm facility includes the 90nm SOI process tuned to