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Shanghai & Grenoble tech dev powerhouses team up on SOI for IoT in China and global innovation ecosystem

LetiLogo MinatecLogo SITRI-LOGO-EN-2Three of the world’s More-than-Moore and SOI technology development powerhouses have signed a comprehensive agreement for ongoing collaboration and cooperation in developing new technologies for the emerging IoT market. SITRI of Shanghai, and CEA-Leti and Minatec of Grenoble will work together to accelerate the adoption of their latest technologies and create a global innovation ecosystem for emerging IoT applications (read the press release here).

The framework agreement broadly covers all joint areas of research at SITRI and Leti, including MEMS and sensors, 5G RF front ends, ultra-low power computing and communication, RF-SOI and FD-SOI.

In fact, the trio cites SOI as a key technology in the development of both Moore’s Law and “More than Moore” solutions for the IC industry, as it brings cost, performance, power and integration advantages to the areas of ICs, RF, MEMS, and communications.

“We are confident that this collaboration will be positive for China’s electronics industry, as well as for the Grenoble region’s growing SOI technology ecosystem,” said MINATEC Director Jean-Charles Guibert.

Adds Marie-Noëlle Semeria, CEO of Leti, “Through this partnership, SITRI, MINATEC, CEA-Leti and the entire ecosystem will be able to promote and extend this ecosystem to SOI partners worldwide, and provide SOI solutions to the emerging Chinese IoT market.”

“MINATEC is a world-class international innovation center that fosters a wide range of leading-edge IoT technology research and development which is home to CEA-Leti, the renowned international research institute in microelectronics,” said Charles Yang, President of SITRI. “Through this agreement and SITRI’s established platform for ‘More than Moore’ commercialization, we can accelerate the adoption of these latest technologies and create a global innovation ecosystem for emerging IoT applications.”

Semicon Europa 2014 Comes to Grenoble, Issues Call for Papers


For the first time, SEMICON Europa will be held in Grenoble, France. The greater Grenoble region is home to industry leaders leveraging and researching SOI and related advanced substrates, including Soitec, Leti and  ST.

SEMI has now announced the “Call for Papers” for technical sessions and presentations for SEMICON Europa 2014, which takes place October 7-9. Technical presentation abstracts are due April 30

SEMICON Europa (www.semiconeuropa.org) will highlight — in addition to the traditional semiconductor manufacturing segment — new areas like electronic components and design as well as electronic applications for energy efficiency, imaging, healthcare and security. Many of these technologies are emerging from the innovative companies in and around Grenoble.  Last summer, the French government said that the new Nano2017 would make Grenoble one of the three pillars (along with what could be considered the other European SOI capitals: Dresden/GlobalFoundries and Eindhoven/NXP) of the European Horizon2020 program, which launched in January 2014 (read about that here).

The Grenoble region, with established and emerging technology companies, has been characterized as “one of the Top 5 most innovative areas in the world” by Forbes Magazine.  From now on, Semicon Europa will be rotating between Dresden and Grenoble.

WaferBond ’09

6-8 December 2009 – Grenoble, France


  • Ultrathin SOI as a platform for nanostructures
    H.C. Floresca (U. Texas)
  • Wafer Level 3D Integration of ICs using the temporary and direct bonding and back side thinning
    B. Charlet (Leti)
  • Evolution of polysilicon morphology after direct wafer bonding in PSOI Application
    R. Feilleux (Soitec)
  • Thin single crystal layers of LiTaO3 and LiNbO3 obtained by the Smart Cut™ technology for next generation of innovative substrates
    J.-S. Moulet (Soitec)