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Renesas’ New FD-SOI (SOTB) MCU for Energy Harvesting Applications (eenews)

Renesas, one of the world’s very top MCU manufacturers, is heralding its new FD-SOI based R7F0E017 for energy harvesting applications. In an i

Renesas Coming Out with 65nm FD-SOI chips (but they call it SOTB), says EETimes Japan

Renesas Electronics will be coming out with chips built on 65nm FD-SOI technology by spring of 2016, reports EETimes Japan (see article in Japane

Great line-up planned for IEEE S3S (SOI, 3D and low-voltage — 5-8 October, Sonoma, CA). Advance Program available. Registration still open.

Now in its third year, the 2015 IEEE S3S Conference has evolved into the premier venue for sharing the latest and most important findings in

The FD-SOI Papers at IEDM ’13

FD-SOI was a hot topic at this year's IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) (www.ieee-iedm.org), the world’s showcase for the most

Get the Picture

Hitachi’s latch-up-free, SOI-based chips enable new generations of compact medical ultrasound systems. Medical challenge Ultrasound systems

The Moment Is Now

There’s no need to wait – Hitachi’s SOTB solution also benefits today’s mainstream low-power nodes. Hitachi’s Hybrid Silicon-On-Thin-B

Breakthroughs at the IEDM

The IEEE’s International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) is the world’s showcase for the most important applied research breakthroughs in t

Less Than Ever

Hitachi demonstrates why it has the smallest Vth variability, and identifies the remaining components of random doping fluctuation. In a “Comp

Breakthrough SOI News at VLSI Symposia

Breakthrough SOI News at VLSI Symposia Intel presented A Scaled Floating Body Cell (FBC) Memory with High-k+Metal Gate on Thin-Silicon and T

Thin BOX: A Solution for High-Speed, Low-Power SoCs

Control of Si substrate bias in “Silicon on Thin BOX” suppresses leakage current at 45n