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LTE-A/5G: Bring it on. Next-gen Soitec eSI90 wafers predict & improve RF performance.

The folks at SOI wafer maker Soitec have announced an amazing update to their RF wafer line-up, with what they’re calling their eSI90 substrate

Soitec and Simgui (China) Partner on SOI Wafer Production for RF and Power Apps

Soitec and Simgui (Shanghai, China) are partnering on SOI wafer production for RF and power applications. The newly signed deal (read press relea

Interview: Christophe Maleville (Soitec) on Wafers in the FD-SOI Supply Chain

Interview with : Christophe Maleville (Soitec) on Wafers in the FD-SOI Supply Chain With FD-SOI entering the mainstream, fabless designers have

Interview: Leti CEO Laurent Malier on FD-SOI and more

CEA-Leti is one of the world's most important research institutes for micro- and nano-electronics. Key enabler to the greater SOI-based community

IP Value Starts at the Substrate Level

If you say “IP” in the chip business, everyone thinks of cores and design. But in fact, the importance of intellectual property for chips can

Which wafers for energy-efficient, fully-depleted transistor technologies?

To drive the competitiveness of PCs, smartphones and other leading-edge devices, the electronics industry has relied for decades on the continued

Wafer Leaders Extend Basis for Global SOI Supply

It's a bright green light from the world leaders in SOI wafer capacity. Soitec, the world leader in SOI wafer production, and long-time partner

Soitec and Sumitomo Electric are launching pilot production of 4” and 6” GaN wafers for the LED and power markets

World-leading advanced substrate maker Soitec and compound materials leader Sumitomo Electric are launching pilot production of 4” and 6” GaN

Driving SOI Cost Reductions

The SOI cost structure is on target for penetrating new markets – especially the all-important mobile markets. Volume customers can anticipat

Inventor of Smart Cut™ Technology Honored

The IEEE has conferred the Cledo Brunetti Award on Dr. Michel Bruel. At a ceremony at the IEDM in San Francisco, the IEEE Board of Directors g