AMD’s Momentum Building
Posted date : Jul 11, 2005

SOI-based products help win new customers.

AMD, a long-time favorite of discerning PC buyers, is
now the undisputed leader in 64-bit microprocessor performance for x86-based servers and worksta-tions. The growing success of AMD64 processors in enterprise-class computing can be attributed in part to the company’s move to SOI, which has enabled AMD to achieve industry-leading levels of transistor speed and power efficiency.
AMD claims the title of being the first company to bring SOI to microprocessor production. As an early pioneer
of SOI research and development, the company has achieved impressive results, having demonstrated an approximate 18% performance/power improvement over bulk transistor structures. Those benefits can be even greater for resulting products through AMD’s use of highly efficient SOI design methodologies.

Customers and partners are reaping the benefits, too. Sun, HP and IBM have added the AMD Opteron™ processor to their server line-ups. AMD reports that more than 50% of all Forbes Global 100 companies or their affiliates now rely on AMD64 processor-based systems to run enterprise applications.

As AMD momentum grows in the enterprise and competitors scramble to catch up, the company is extending its performance lead even further with the introduction of new multi-core AMD64 processor designs. The company recently launched two dual-core chips, the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor and the AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 dual-core processor. Both chips use AMD’s superior Direct Connect Architecture for unparalleled data throughput. These 90nm products also benefit strongly from AMD’s second generation of localized strain engineering, co-developed with IBM. The technology, which is commonly referred to as “dual stress liner” or DSL, works in concert with SOI to deliver a 24% boost in transistor speed with no increase in power.

Clearly AMD is positioned to stay at the forefront of both processor performance and the advanced substrate revolution. •

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