Freescale’s Embedded High Performance
Posted date : Jul 11, 2005

New SOI-based products target communications infrastructure.

Consider the communications processor market, which Freescale dominates with its PowerQUICC architecture and 83% market share (Gartner Dataquest 2003). To date, Freescale has shipped nearly 200 million communications processors to more than 500 customers worldwide; many of these devices are now at 130nm process technology. As of this year, the company is shipping four new next-generation PowerQUICC III processors based on 90nm SOI and copper. Freescale says this enables the processors to deliver high performance with low power dissipation, bringing gigahertz-class performance to the enterprise networking, telecom transmission and switching, 3G wireless infrastructure, storage and high-end imaging markets.

For other high-performance embedded markets, Freescale recently announced the MPC8641D Dual Core (based on the e600 PowerPC core), targeting networking, telecom, military, storage and pervasive computing applications. Each core can deliver greater than 1.5 GHz performance, yet the processor is expected to operate at 15-25 Watts. Other developments include a single core version of the MPC8641D and the MPC7448 discrete processor, a higher-performance, lower-power successor to the popular MPC7447A PowerPC device for those markets where engineers talk performance per watt per cubic inch. All of these PowerPCproducts will be manufactured on Freescale’s advanced 90 nm SOI and copper.

And of course, Freescale has shipped about 8.7 million units of the SOI-based G4 PowerPC processors since the October 2001 product introduction. But as Chairman and CEO Michel Mayer notes, with the center of technology innovation moving away from the personal computer, Freescale is ideally positioned to leverage the SOI-based PowerPC architecture across a wide variety of systems that require high performance and low power – from infrastructure applications to consumer electronics and more. •

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