On the Smart Cut™ Frontier
Posted date : Jul 11, 2005

The inventor of Smart Cut technology, Dr. Bruel reflects on its impact for the industry.

I knew a time when it was very common to encounter people who didn’t believe in the future of SOI technology, when people thought that only bulk silicon technologies would solve microelectronics’ new challenges.

I was on leave from Leti for four years, returning in 2004 as Scientific Director. Upon coming back to the field of microelectronics, it was most striking for me to find that the situation had changed dramatically. Now it is very common to encounter people who believe in nothing but SOI technology.

I think this is due to two factors. First is the unique ability offered by SOI technology to solve or at least to lessen the technological challenges encountered in the implementation of large complex circuits. This is particularly applicable when one considers low power consumption, very high frequencies and function mixing.

The second factor is Smart Cut itself. This SOI material technology has dramatically changed the situation. Its initial success can be attributed to the fact that it is well suited for mass production of high-quality material using standard microelectronic manufacturing equipment.
Its continued success is due to its ability to implement different kinds of engineered substrates (such as sSOI and GeOI, for example).

It is a great pleasure for me to have taken part in this new frontier of development. •

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