A selection of recent papers of interest to the advanced substrates community.
Posted date : Dec 7, 2005

GAAS ® Best Of Show

Alcatel-Thales, Picogiga and their academic and laboratory partners were awarded “Best of Show” at the most recent GAAS, Europe’s largest RF microelectronics symposium. “A GaAsSb/InP HBT circuit technology” describes an MBE-grown DHBT structure and circuit design, and the fabrication of a 40 Gbit/s D-FF. This validates the suitability of antimonide-based HBT technology for very high-performance circuits.

IEEE International SOI Conference 2005

• The IEEE’s recent SOI Conference in Hawaii generated over 75 papers covering device processing and characterization, materials technology and characterization, and circuits in SOI. There was an increase in the number of papers on multiple gate devices, and on memory design in SOI.

Contributors came from companies including Soitec, Luxtera, Soisic, AMD, Amberwave, Transmeta, STMicro, TI, Infineon, ATDF, Atmel, Philips, Renesas, Freescale, IBM, Honeywell, Toyota, Oki, Fujitsu, KLA-Tencor, Samsung, Toshiba, Innovative Silicon and UMC, as well as leading laboratories, research organizations and academic institutions worldwide.

There were three plenary talks:

Carlos Mazuré (Soitec) reviewed device mobility enhancement through
strained silicon engineering.

Cary Gunn (Luxtera) discussed impending implementation of
microphotonics on an SOI platform.

Jean-Luc Pelloie (Soisic) covered low-power digital circuits designed in SOI.

The best paper award went to Mario Pelella (AMD) for describing SOI device technology that includes some elements – mainly diodes and resistors – that are built in the bulk substrate.

The conference proceedings are available from the IEEE store at http://shop.ieee.org/ieeestore

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