Just 0.3V operating voltage for Seiko Instruments Inc.’s charge-pumping FD-SOI IC
Posted date : Dec 7, 2005


SII’s new chip can leverage energy sources such as personal body-heat or natural illumination


SII (Seiko Instruments Inc., Japan) has successfully developed a charge-pumping IC that can operate on a minimum input voltage of just 0.3 volts.

In the new chip, 0.3V input voltage is pumped up to more than 0.9V by capacitors and fully-depleted (FD) SOI MOSFETs, activating a DC-DC converter circuit. This is a significant improvement over conventional ultra-low power chips, which require at least 0.9V as the minimum input voltage.

0.3V operation enables the chip to leverage extremely low-voltage power sources such as personal body-heat, natural illumination, or fuel cells. In our world of ubiquitous personal electronics, SII says its new technology will enable portable systems to run on such small but common energy sources. The FD-SOI structure is a variation of SOI-MOSFETs, featuring low- voltage, high-speed operation.

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