MIRAI-ASET Working on SGOI and GeOI
Posted date : Dec 7, 2005

3,1 times greater hole-mobility observed in ultra-thin GeOI


MIRAI-ASET, a government-sponsored Japanese research consortium, has been working on SGOI (SiGe on Insulator) and GeOI (Germanium on Insulator) for high-performance CMOS. Recent findings were reported at the last International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (S.Nakaharai et al.; SSDM 2005, pp.868-869, Kobe, Japan). They fabricated an ultra-thin (32nm-thick) GeOI layer by oxidizing a SiGe layer grown on an SOI layer using a Ge-condensation technique. They also fabricated fully-depleted (FD) p-MOSFETs on the GeOI, and observed the hole mobility, which was greater than that of conventional Si p-MOSFETs by 3.1 times.

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