Via Technologies Extends Range of Ultra-Low Voltage x86 Processors
Posted date : Apr 6, 2006

Fabless Via leverages IBM’s 90nm SOI process.

A leader in the fabless world, Via Technologies has launched its new, fanless 90-nm SOI Via-Eden™ and Eden™ ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) processors, specifically targeted at business, industrial and commercial applications such as thin clients, silent desktops, IPCs and set top boxes where ultra cool, ultra quiet, reliable performance is essential. The chips are manufactured using IBM’s 90nm SOI process.

SOI gets credit for enabling its chips to run 15% faster while using 20% less power, says Via. The reduced die size also enables the company to claim its status as the maker of  the world’s smallest x86 processor die (30mm2), thereby enabling a new generation of small form factor designs and new, smaller applications for the x86 platform.

VIA says its Eden ULV processors set new levels in low power consumption for a fanless processor: the 1.5GHz version draws a maximum of just 7.5 watts, while the 1.0GHz part draws no more than 3.5 watts. The company says this makes them the smallest, most powerful fanless x86 processors on the market.

Via has also announced the SOI-based C7-M ULV processor for ultra compact, ultra portable devices, which the company says features “…the best performance-perwatt operation in the industry.”

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