Chartered’s SOI Success Story
Posted date : Dec 6, 2006

Chartered is the industry’s first pure-play foundry to expand into high-volume SOI production.

High-volume SOI at Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing is a great success. January 2007 marks the three-year anniversary of the initial announcement that we would manufacture 90nm SOI products for IBM in volume-driven, high-performance solutions. Since we ramped production in mid-2005, we have shipped product on over 65K SOI wafers.

Yield has been excellent. In fact, since things like STI gapfill and CMP are easier, yield in SOI can be better than bulk if you know how to handle it.

New markets

Balancing power and performance are key requirements in a variety of products. To that end, Chartered and IBM have been collaborating closely with vendors to develop and validate SOI IP on the Common Platform. The Design Enablement Program ensures that design layout files can be used interchangeably across manufacturing facilities at our company and IBM.

In April 2006, Chartered announced the licensing of IBM’s 90nm SOI technology. That means we can offer SOI for consumer, multi-media, communications, automotive and industrial applications.

In parallel, Chartered has an active alliance program. We are expanding our collaboration with our value-chain partnerships to develop a comprehensive ecosystem of EDA tools, libraries and design IP in support of our SOI process technologies.

Although the barriers to SOI for the fabless world may seem high, we are well on our way to breaking them down.

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