IBM’s SOI-based Cell processor news
Posted date : Dec 6, 2006

IBM’s SOI-based Cell processor news:

– IBM’s first Cell-Based BladeCenter Systems, targeting the aerospace, oil & gas and medical industries, are shipping.

Mercury Computer Systems, which is shipping Cell-based systems to customers in medical imaging, industrial inspection, supercomputing, semiconductor design and manufacturing, and defense-industry signal processing, is reporting performance gains of greater than an order of magnitude in performance/inch3, /pound, /Watt or /dollar. It also announced the first Cell Accelerator Board for PCs.

– Dubbed “Roadrunner”, the supercomputer going into the DOE’s Los Alamos Labs has over 16,000 AMD Opteron™ processor cores and over 16,000 Cell B.E. processors. Peak performance: over 1.6 petaflops (1.6 thousand trillion calculations/second).

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