Laurent Malier Named CEO of CEA-Leti
Posted date : Dec 6, 2006

New leader for one of world’s top microelectronics labs and original home of Smart Cut™ technology.

Dr. Laurent Malier CEO, CEA-Leti

Dr. Laurent Malier has been named as the new CEO of CEA-Leti, one of the world’s leading microelectronics laboratories. Dr. Malier, who holds a PhD in solid state physics, joined Leti two years ago from a major US company in photonic components.

Headquartered in Grenoble, France, Leti’s activities cover micro- and nanoelectronics, microsystems and wafer-scale integration, devices for biology and health, wireless communications and imaging. It has one of the world’s biggest and most advanced 200 and 300mm research facilities, enabling the research, development and testing of new materials, processes and devices in real conditions.

“Leti’s added value in research stems from our cross-disciplinary approach and our model of collaboration with leading industrial and research organizations,” says Malier.

Research activities are ongoing with eight major chipmakers and more than 50 suppliers. The lab has an annual budget of over 175 million Euros and a staff of over 1500. Of its 1200+ patents, more than 40% are licensed.

Leti has a strong tradition in advanced substrate innovation. For example, Soitec’s Smart Cut™ technology was invented by Leti researcher Michel Bruel in the early 1990’s. Leti and Soitec continue to pursue innovation and progress in advanced substrates through joint research teams.

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