Chartered’s Fab 7 Wins SI “Top Fab” Award
Posted date : May 11, 2007

The world’s first pure-play foundry to offer SOI has received “Semiconductor International” magazine’s top honor.

Semiconductor International (SI) magazine has honored Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing’s Fab 7 with the “Top Fab” award for 2006.

With Fab 7, Chartered became the first pure-play foundry to expand into SOI when it began producing SOI-based chips in high-volume for IBM in mid-2005. Dr. Liang-Choo “LC” Hsia, the company’s Senior Vice President, Technology, has qualified the move as “a great success”.

The SI judges specifically cited the fast ramp-up times with which Chartered is able to bring up new leading-edge processes in the fab. Chartered has been able to reduce ramp-up times for new processes from 10 quarters to two quarters thanks to its investment in leading-edge equipment and processes.

In turn, Chartered recognized SOI-wafer supplier Soitec with a supplier’s quality award in its most recently published list.

Adding further to its honors, Chartered president and chief executive officer, Chia Song Hwee, was honored with the EE Times Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Award for Executive of the Year.

Chartered offers leading-edge technologies down to 65nm, including leading-edge SOI-based products for IBM, AMD and Microsoft. Together with its joint-development partners, it has helped define a new collaborative model for semiconductor collaboration, and bringing flexibility to the market through the unique Common Platform technology model the company initiated in 2002.

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