Freescale’s SOI-related news includes
Posted date : May 11, 2007

Freescale’s SOI-related news includes:
– The company has joined the IBM technology alliance, covering SOI technologies as well as advanced semiconductor research and design enablement transitioning at the 45nm generation. Freescale is the first partner in the alliance to participate in both low-power and high-performance technology research and development.
– The latest in its 85xx line of SOI-based PowerQUICC III processors: the MPC8544E. Freescale says it’s one of the industry’s lowest power-consumption SoCs to deliver gigabit performance, consuming only 3.75 W typical core power and greatly reducing the challenges of thermal management in performance-driven, fanless embedded applications.
– Q2 2007 sampling of its line of MSC8144 quad-core DSPs. Based on Freescale’s 90-nm SOI, the devices embed four StarCore SC3400 DSP cores each running at up to 1GHz, generating equivalent performance to a 4GHz single core DSP.

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