Industry SOI Innovators in Core Group Guiding Massive European Nanoelectronics Initiative
Posted date : May 11, 2007

Eight key industrial players in nanoelectronics have created the legal entity for partnering with the EC’s €3 billion Joint Technology Initiative.

With the legalities now in place, the greater nanoelectronics community is set to play a significant role in defining the future of nanoelectronics R&D in Europe.

NXP (formerly Philips Semiconductors), Infineon, STM, ASML, Thomson, Robert Bosch, Soitec and Thales have formed a requisite legal entity called AENEAS (Association for European NanoElectronics ActivitieS).

These companies represent the industrial core members of ENIAC established by the European Commission in 2004 to define a Strategic Research Agenda for nanoelectronics in Europe and lay down the foundations of a European Technology Platform dedicated to Nanoelectronics.

The creation of AENEAS provides the legal framework for industry to partner with the EC’s Framework Programme 7, which will mobilize at least three billion Euros of private and public investment in nanoelectronic R&D. It will also help coordinate funding at the national and European levels, and as such represents a new EU model for funding innovation.

With the organizational phase currently underway, work is expected to start in 2008.

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