The Launching of the SOI Industry Consortium
Posted date : Oct 26, 2007

Mission: accelerating silicon-on-insulator (SOI) innovation into broad markets by promoting the benefits of SOI technology and reducing the barriers to adoption.

This fall, nineteen of the world’s leading companies from across the electronics industry joined forces to launch the SOI Industry Consortium. Together, they aim to accelerate SOI innovation across a broad range of markets by promoting the technology and reducing barriers to adoption.

One of the first tasks is to ensure that the next wave of adopters has a proven and complete array of readily-accessible SOI design platforms and IP to ensure transparent design and cost-effective manufacturing. Best practices already established by early adopters will be shared, facilitating new design proof points, and demonstrating SOI’s performance, power and area advantages.

  • The consortium is comprised of three committees:
  • SOI Users: ensures that user needs are heard, understood and addressed;
  • Technology Enablement: accelerates and facilitates the requisite collaboration in the ecosystem to enable silicon-proven solutions; and
  • Marketing: promotes SOI, technology innovation and momentum within the greater electronics community

Membership is open to all companies and institutions throughout the electronics industry.

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“Riding the performance wave, SOI has made enormous inroads. Now, the focus has expanded to reducing power consumption. SOI can cut power consumption in half – an enormous advantage, whether you’re running a data center or hoping you have enough battery left to see the end of the match on your mobile telephone. By unifying users and enablers, the SOI Industry Consortium can identify and close gaps in the design chain, making SOI a viable choice for designers over a much broader range of markets.”

André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé,


SOI Industry Consortium

“SOI benefits are now being recognized by most of the major players in the industry and the technology is on the verge of entering the mainstream. Companies from the entire semiconductor food chain are investing time and money to take SOI to the next level and this should clearly accelerate improvements in reduced power consumption and improved performance for a wide range of devices and applications.”

Bryan Lewis,

Semiconductor Research VP,


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