From AMD
Posted date : Oct 31, 2007

From AMD (which builds all its 64-bit microprocessors on SOI):

AMD’s Quad-Core Opteron™ (Courtesy: AMD)

• The Quad-Core AMD Opteron™, billed as “the world’s most advanced x86 processor ever designed and manufactured and the first native x86 quad-core microprocessor”, is built on 65nm SOI, which the company says lowers power consumption and improves performance.

• Availability of the AMD Phenom™ triple-core processors, expected to be the world’s first desktop PC processors to integrate three cores on a single die, is slated for Q108.

• Toshiba, one of the world’s largest notebook providers, is launching three Satellite® notebook PCs based on AMD Turion™ 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology.

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