Posted date : May 14, 2008


Figure 1

• Power and die size are cut in half with Freescale’s jump from 90nm SOI to 45nm SOI for a new multi-core communications platform (a PowerQUICC™ evolution). Freescale will manufacture, as can IBM, Chartered and existing foundry partners. 32 nm SOI is next in the path.

• Sony’s XDCAM HD422 (fig. 1), the flagship of highdef broadcast video cameras, is leveraging Freescale’s SOI-based PowerQUICC III MPC8548 for high-speed video transmission.

Sony’s PS3 and its SOI-based Cell processor:

• Over one million Sony PS3 users have joined Folding@Home (supporting medical research). PS3 accounts for about 75% of the total petaflop computing power, pushing the project into the Guinness World Records™.

• Mercury Computer’s software that turns a PS3 into a supercomputing development station won the 2007 Readers’ Choice HPCwire Award.

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