Industry Experts Contribute to New Book on MuGFETs
Posted date : May 14, 2008

Jean-Pierre Colinge brings together work from top researchers in physics, design and fabrication of advanced devices.

Jean-Pierre Colinge has edited a recent addition to Springer’s Integrated Circuits and Systems Series, entitled FinFETs and Other Multi-Gate Transistors. A well-known figure in the SOI world, Colinge brings together chapters contributed by some of the world’s leading experts on multigate FET (MuGFET) technology. In addition to Colinge, contributors include Wade Xiong of TI, Olivier Faynot of CEA-LETI (both of whom also have articles in this current edition of ASN), Chenming Hu of UC Berkeley, and Gerhard Knoblinger of Infineon.

MuGFETs and FinFETs, which the ITRS classifies as “advanced non-classical CMOS devices”, are the subject of intense research as the end-of-the-roadmap looms for classical CMOS structures.

FinFETs and Other Multi-Gate Transistors, as noted on the Springer website, “…explains the physics and properties of these devices, how they are fabricated and how circuit designers can use them to improve the performance of integrated circuits.”

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