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Posted date : May 14, 2008

The SOI Industry Consortium website is a great place to find relevant SOI-related materials contributed by member companies and institutions. Here are some examples – go to the website to access the complete presentations.

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From IBM: An Animated Presentation on SOI & Reliability

A major advantage of SOI is its inherently better soft error reliability (SER). This is primarily caused by the increased susceptibility of circuits due to smaller geometries, decreased voltages with smaller noise margin, and reduced stored charges. Traditionally, the reliability worries due to soft errors have been focused on the memory elements; however as geometries have reached 45nm and below, the probability of a single event upset in logic circuits is very real. Logic soft errors are particularly critical because such an event produces a catastrophic system failure.

SOI has an intrinsically well-documented 5X to 10X lower soft error rate than bulk; because the buried oxide layer acts as a block for the track of electron-holes pairs to drift to the p-n junctions.

IBM’s animated presentation shows the physical mechanism responsible for the significant reduction of soft errors in SOI as compared to bulk.

(Courtesy: Freescale)

From STMicroeletronics/CEA-LETI: A Short Course on RF Design in SOI

For RF applications, SOI offers key advantages over bulk. It provides the ability to meet the challenges of very low voltage and low noise applications, allows for improvement of passive devices and improves integration capabilities to reduce cost.

This in-depth, technical short course by Christine Raynaud of CEA-LETI / STMicroelectronics details the considerations for RF design with SOI. Over 70 slides, she covers: a comparison of thin SOI vs. bulk for RF applications; low power RF; power reduction strategies; figures of merit; design tips and techniques; analog features; bipolar devices on thin SOI; high voltage MOS on thin SOI; antenna integration; and the advantages of highresistivity (HR) SOI for increased integration.

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