Breakthrough SOI News at VLSI Symposia
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

Breakthrough SOI News at VLSI Symposia

  • Intel presented A Scaled Floating Body Cell (FBC) Memory with
    High-k+Metal Gate on Thin-Silicon and Thin-BOX for 16-nm Technology Node and Beyond. The company said its SOI-based FBC memory cell is the smallest ever reported, and has the lowest operating voltage. It is predicted to be feasible through the 11nm node.
  • Hitachi and Renesas presented Smallest Vth Variability by Intrinsic Silicon on Thin BOX (SOTB) CMOS with Single Metal Gate. Solving threshold voltage (Vth) variability eliminates a major obstacle for nodes beyond 45nm. The companies predict this will enable SOTB to run through the end of the device miniaturization era.

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