Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

Consortium participation in member events and related industry conferences is a terrific way to get the word out.

TSCM Technology Symposiums

The TSMC Technology Symposiums in San Jose and Austin this April represented our first opportunity to participate in a member’s event with our new booth. We received important messages from over 40 companies. The booth traffic make it very clear that there is significant interest in SOI technology, but that we need to continue to work hard to increase visibility and access to IP and tools.


In addition to having our booth at the 45th Design Automation Conference (better know as DAC) in Anaheim this June, the consortium also sponsored a successful DAC Pavilion Panel.

Entitled “SOI: Fact, Futures and Fiction” and chaired by Richard Goering of SCDsource, we had an eminent group of panelists:

  • Percy Gilbert, VP Technology Development, IBM
  • Nick Kepler, VP Logic Technology Development, AMD
  • Jean-Luc Pelloie, Director SOI Technology, ARM

The panelists were very upbeat on value of SOI and especially on its low power advantages. They presented SOI as a robust and viable solution decreasing chip power or increasing performance.

Questions of particular interest to audience members focused on the availability of an SOI design environment – which is of course something that the consortium is actively addressing.

Finally, the panelists emphasized the complementary nature of SOI and High-K – metal gate. Aggregated, these technologies deliver a very powerful value proposition, they said.

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