Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

  • IBM:

• IBM has licensed the multi-protocol SerDes cell from Rambus for high-performance and low-power 45nm SOI.

• For the most challenging arithmetic operations, IBM’s new PowerXCell™ 8i (65nm SOI) offers five-times the speed of the original Cell/B.E. processor.

“Roadrunner” (Courtesy: IBM)

• The “Roadrunner” supercomputer at Los Alamos shot to #1 on the TOP500™ Supercomputer list with sustained performance of 1.02 petaflops (1.02 quadrillion calculations per second). Its 12,240 SOI-based IBM PowerXCell 8i processors crunch the numbers, while 6,562 SOI-based AMD Opteron™ Dual-Core processors handle the basic computing

Mentor Graphics advanced lithography tools, which are accelerated with an SOI-based Cell/B.E. cluster from Mercury Computer Systems, are now IBM qualified for production of 45nm Cells.

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