The GSA/SOI Industry Consortium Survey
Posted date : Jul 16, 2008

The “SOI Technology: Semiconductor Perception & Awareness Study”
should change the way the industry thinks about SOI.

(Semiconductor companies and service providers)

According to an SOI Industry Consortium and GSA survey, SOI is a real, here-and-now solution for the industry’s most pressing challenge: lowering power consumption.

108 GSA members responded, 85% of whom are responsible for chip design at their companies, primarily in the consumer sector. Almost a quarter said they have already used SOI in prototypes or in full production. Another 65% said they were interested in using it.

Low power, big driver

Low power is the #1 SOI driver – and it’s a huge concern.

  • 51% of semiconductor companies said power savings is the main reason to consider SOI.
  • 70% said a 10% to 30% improvement in power savings would motivate them to evaluate SOI.

Reducing power is something designers are willing to pay for.

  • 43% of all respondents said they would be willing to incur a > 5% total product cost increase for a 30% power reduction in their design.

Performance counts, too.

  • 57% said that for a performance gain of 5-20%, they’d consider SOI.

For the mainstream

Most came from mid-sized companies using mainstream technology.

  • Over 70% see 90 to 45 nm as the time to switch to SOI.The consortium’s mission is to “lead SOI innovation intobroader markets”. Now the direction is crystal clear. For moreinformation on how to join them, visit

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