Into the New Year
Posted date : Dec 3, 2008

The SOI Industry Consortium recently celebrated our one-year anniversary. Congratulations to one and all on our accomplishments to date.

Our first ever Member Event was held in November in Silicon Valley. About 70 people gathered to learn from each other, plan for the future, share information and celebrate the success of our fi rst year.

The event featured a series of top-notch presentations, lead off by Boon-Khim Liew of Nvidia. His talk, entitled “SOI Technology for GPU?” presented some of the key results from Nvidia’s in-depth analysis of SOI advantages and challenges.

Olivier Faynot of Leti talked about “FDSOI for Low Power”. He detailed important power, performance and variability advantages for fully-depleted (FD) SOI beyond the 22nm node.

Jim Hayden presented data from members of the SOI Consortium Technical Committee in a talk entitled “SOI vs. Bulk Benchmarking Considerations”. The presentation offered methodologies for comparing SOI and bulk process technologies for SoC designs. It addressed questions commonly asked by SoC design teams using standard tool flows, who are starting to investigate SOI.

Subramanian Iyer of the IBM Systems & Technology Group discussed “Embedded memory in SOI: how to prevent your logic from developing amnesia”. He noted that there are substantial savings to be had in moving to an embedded DRAM on SOI, including : SRAM-like performance at DRAM densities; reduced power and Soft Error Rate; full logic compatibility; and a ~3.5X reduction in memory area.

Dr. Wayne Ellis of Innovative Silicon presented “SOI: Revolutionary Memory Solutions”, comparing the advantages of SOI-based fl oating body memory to traditional DRAM.

Many thanks to all those who made this event a success. It was a great way to start our new year.

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