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Posted date : Dec 3, 2008

The first chapters of the SOI Implementation Guides are now available, with new chapters being released on an ongoing basis. They are written by Consortium members, covering specific areas of interest, in order to drive common understanding of the value and challenges of SOI.

New chapters include:

  • SOI Circuit Design Overview,
    by Nghia Phan, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Systems and Technology Group
  • SOI overview and assessment for analog and mixed-signal (Part 1),
    by Denis Flandre, Université Catholique de Louvain
  • SOI MOSFET Specifi c Analog Behaviors (Part 2),
    by Denis Flandre, Université Catholique de Louvain
  • Methodologies for Comparing Bulk and SOI Process Technologies for SoC Designs,
    by Jim Hayden and Horacio Mendez, SOI Industry Consortium
  • How do we handle history effects when modeling and designing with SOI?,
    by Faynot, P. Flatresse, O. Thomas, T. Poiroux, CEA-Leti

If your company is a member of the consortium, you can get a copy of these guides under the myConsortium header on the website. This is a password-protected area: if you are eligible but don’t yet have a password, use the “contact us” button.

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