EuroSOI 2009
Posted date : May 27, 2009

Chalmers University, Sweden, January 2009

EuroSOI is an international forum to promote interaction and exchanges between research groups and industrial partners involved in SOI activities all over the world.

  • SOI vs. Bulk.Si nanoscale FinFET’s. (Invited)  J. G. Fossum, et al. (U. Florida/Gainesville, Applied Novel Devices, Soitec)
  • Platforms for planar & non-planar ultrathin silicon. M. Schmidt, et al. (AMO, RWTH)
  • Junctionless MuGFETS. C.-W. Lee, et al. (Tyndall)
  • Strain induced enhancement of transconductance in Si-nanowire transistors fabricated by pattern dependent oxidation. D. Kosemura1, et al. (Meiji U., Waseda U.)
  • Floating-Body-Effect-Related Gate Tunneling Leakage Current Behavior of 40nm PD SOI NMOS Device. H. J. Hung1, et al. (National Taiwan U., UMC)
  • Thin film devices for low power applications. (Invited)  S.Monfray, et al. (STMicroelectronics, Leti)
  • Ultra-thin body and BOX SOI roadmap for low power and low VT-variability MOSFETs. P. Scheiblin, et al. (Leti, Soitec)
  • Transconductance and mobility behaviors in UTB SOI MOSFETs with standard and thin BOX. T. Rudenko, et al.  (NAS/Ukraine, UCL, Leti, Soitec)

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