Green and Growing
Posted date : May 27, 2009

Despite the crises in the worldwide economy, market opportunities for SOI continue to expand.Those that can play the innovation card this year will be the ones ready with the right new products and technologies when growth returns.

We are continuing in high gear. In meeting with companies across the globe, I’ve witnessed keen interest in the broad cross-section of expertise the Consortium can leverage.

Here’s a recap of some recent activity.

IMEC, a world-leading, independent nanoelectronics research center headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, has joined us. IMEC has been active in the field of SOI technologies for more that two decades. The expertise and knowledge they bring to our organization will be exceptionally valuable in maximizing SOI’s capabilities.

As you’ll see elsewhere on this page, we have publicly announced the priorities we set for 2009, planned an exciting “green” initiative, and launched projects concerning FinFETs and IP.

The website is constantly being updated with relevant information, papers, presentations and news.

As always, many thanks to all the team members who are giving so generously of their time and effort. Together, we’re making this happen.

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