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Posted date : May 27, 2009


Ask Your Question

If you have a question on SOI or the Consortium, ask it here. We’ll do our best to get you a timely and relevant response.

Technology Corner

This new section includes links to articles and publications from leading researchers in the top refereed journals and from the most important industry conferences.

SOI Fundamentals

Methodologies for comparing bulk and SOI process technologies for SoC designs. This chapter of the Consortium’s Implementation Guide is now available to the general public.

Design & IP Corner

This new section, which includes white papers, conference proceedings and relevant articles in the press, focuses on practical SOI design issues.

In the News

The SOI Industry Consortium’s profile is on the rise. Here you’ll find links to articles that cite us in publications such as EETimes, Semiconductor International, Fabtech, EDN and more.

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