2009 International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology (CSMantech)
Posted date : Jul 30, 2009


18-21 May 2009, Tampa, Florida

CSMantech is often considered the leading conference in the III-V world.

  • Monolithically Integrated III-V and Si CMOS Devices on Silicon on Lattice Engineered Substrates (SOLES)
    J.R. LaRoche, et al. (Raytheon, IQE, Teledyne, MIT, Soitec, CEA-LETI-Minatech)
    The growth, fabrication, and integration of III-V HBTs with Si CMOS on SOLES (Silicon-on-Lattice Engineered Substrate) has been demonstrated with first pass, first wafer success. DC and RF Measurements of HBTs on SOLES, and a differential amplifier comprised of HBTs integrated with Si CMOS are presented. While the results presented here are for InP HBTs directly integrated onto the silicon substrate, the approach is equally applicable to other III-V electronic and optoelectronic devices and opens the door to a new class of highly integrated, high performance, mixed-signal circuits.

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