EDN Innovation Winner
Posted date : Jul 30, 2009

This spring, the EDN magazine Innovation of the Year in Passive Components and Sensors was awarded to ADI’s SOI-MEMS based ADXL001 Industrial Vibration Sensor.


(Courtesy: Analog Devices)

The ADXL001 is a high-bandwidth iMEMS® vibration sensor that enables better monitoring of equipment performance and reduced downtime due to unforeseen system failures on the factory floor.

The ADXL001 is built using the Analog Devices SOI MEMS sensor process. The sensor device is micromachined in-plane in the SOI device layer. Trench isolation is used to electrically isolate, but mechanically couple, the differential sensing elements. Single-crystal silicon springs suspend the structure over the handle wafer and provide resistance against acceleration forces.

According to ADI, the ADXL001 is a major advance over previous generations of accelerometers providing high performance and wide bandwidth. The part is ideal for industrial, medical, and military applications where wide bandwidth, small size, low power, and robust performance are essential. It is small enough to be easily designed into the motor control circuitry or mounted on existing factory equipment at the point-of-measurement interest.

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