Energy-Efficient SoC Design Can Make A Difference
Posted date : Jul 30, 2009

ARM now offers a combination of low-power processors, SOI libraries and power management IP.

It is often the simple actions that make the largest impact when it comes to conserving our natural resources and limiting the negative impact of human interaction on our planet. Conserving our natural and manufactured energy resources is certainly at the top of everyone’s mind.

Now, SoC designers, utilizing the inherent power efficiencies of SOI technology, can make a difference.

ARM’s role

By providing processor and physical IP that lie at the heart of billions of electronic devices, ARM has a strong role to play in the power resources conservation equation.

Today ARM is offering a powerful and proven combination of energy-efficient solutions including:

  • Libraries for SOI technology
  • Power management kit
  • Low-power processors

Through broad development collaboration with IBM, Soitec and the SOI Alliance, ARM is allowing access to an SOI design platform enabling 30 percent to 50 percent power consumption reduction compared to bulk CMOS technologies. This technology can help ARM customers to save power over a broad range of applications.

Power management IP

With the addition of the ARM Physical IP Power Management Kit (PMK) on SOI, designers benefit from enhanced power management enabling better power conservation while delivering optimal performance for applications requiring absolute minimal power consumption.

Measured in microwatts

From its very first processors, up to leading-edge, high-performance multicore technology, ARM has maintained its drive for energy-efficient devices.

The company continues to invest significant R&D dollars in processor, software, architectural and physical IP technology to reduce power consumption while maintaining performance. The result is milliwatts giving way to microwatts in our latest Cortex-M0 processor when measuring power consumption of ARM’s latest low power processor.

ARM processor technologies implemented in SOI technology truly deliver a green design solution enabling high performance and low energy consumption of electronic circuits.  Now energy conscious engineers can combine these technologies and do their part in conserving our energy resources.

The pieces are now all in place so that designers can opt to build ARM processors such as the Cortex-M0 on SOI for even greater power savings.

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