Posted date : Jul 30, 2009

29 June – 1 July 2009, Clare College, Cambridge, UK

The bi-annual INFOS conference brings together electrical engineers, technologists, materials scientists, physicists and chemists from Europe and around the world to debate the newest developments on thin insulating films on semiconductors and identify the challenges ahead.

  • Improved GeOI substrates for pMOSFET off-state leakage control
    K. Romanjek1, et al. (CEA-Leti-Minatec, IMEP-INP-Grenoble, Soitec)
  • Strain sensitivity of gate leakage in biaxially strained FD-SOI nMOSFETs: A benefit for the performance trade-off and a novel way to extract the strain-induced band offset
    F. Rochette, et al. (CEA-Leti-Minatec, IMEP-LAHC)
  • Integration of Gd silicate/TiN gate stacks into SOI n-MOSFETS
    M. Schmidt, et al. (Advanced Microelectronic Centre/Aachen, Harvard U.)
  • Piezoresistive coefficients of <110> SOI MOSFETs with 0.135/0.45/10 micrometers channel length with external forces
    W.T. Chang, et al. (National U. Kaohsiung/Taiwan)
  • Electroluminescence, charge trapping and quenching in Eu implanted SiO2-Si structures
    S. Tyagulskiy, et al. (Institute of Semiconductor Physics-NASU/Kyiv, Ukraine; Institute Ionenstrahlphysik und Materialforschung/Dresden)

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