Rooted in Green
Posted date : Jul 30, 2009

For those of us in the SOI community, being “green” has always been an integral part of our agenda.
Whether the primary driver for using SOI is power savings, performance or integration challenges, there is a cascading cost effect enabling efficiencies at virtually all levels of the value chain.

As the starting substrate, SOI enables dynamic power savings at the transistor level. At the system/board level, it enables price reductions through things like reduced real estate and decreased need for heat dissapation, which in turn enable cost- and energy-efficient cooling or even fanless systems. At the consumer and enterprise levels, the savings are on the bottom line of electric bill.

Multiplied by proliferating applications on a global scale, every percentage point of energy savings makes a major contribution to the conservation of our resources and health of our global economy.

Smart Cut™ technology: for a green start

As the world’s leading SOI wafer manufacturer, Soitec provides the starting material that enables designers to save power at the chip level.

Our green credentials are rooted in our Smart Cut technology, which enables us to manufacture SOI wafers serving the needs of a wide array of silicon-based markets. The variety of SOI wafers it enables us to offer – thick, thin, ultra-thin, high-resistivity, epi, strained and more – provides designers a choice of solutions with which to meet their power/performance/area requirements.

Even more innovative SOI substrates such as embedded cavities for integrated cooling and double SOI for new 3D integration schemes are under investigation.

Smart Cut technology is also enabling breakthrough approaches to compound semiconductors, particularly for emerging green applications in lighting, high-power automotive devices and photovoltaics, among others. GaN and other III-V energy-efficient starting substrates are rendered more cost-efficient.

As such, Soitec’s engineered substrate solutions serve the needs for designers working across a wide range of applications: from the data center to the living room, from the medical center to domestic care, from the satellite down to the automobile, and to the  communications device in your pocket.

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