“Foundry of the Year” for Tronics
Posted date : Dec 4, 2009

Peter Pfluger, Tronics’ CEO

Tronics, a leading global integrated manufacturer of custom SOI-MEMS, has received the 2009 Foundry of the Year Award from EuroAsia Semiconductor magazine. The editors cited Tronics’ history of profitability and growth, including expanding its capabilities and markets by forming a global group of companies in 2008, during the worldwide economic downturn.

“Tronics’ strategic expansions and our track record have extended our leadership in manufacturing high value-add custom MEMS products for both higher volumes and more diverse applications,” said Tronics’ CEO Peter Pfluger. “This award also recognizes our increasingly global presence with engineering and manufacturing operations in Europe and the U.S. and representation in China and Japan.”

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