International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM 2009)
Posted date : Dec 4, 2009

7-9 October 2009 – Miyagi, Japan

  • Ultra thin Ni-silicides with low contact resistance on SOI and strained-SOI
    L. Knoll, et al. (Jülich Research Centre, Soitec)
  • Ultrathin Body and BOX SOI and SSOI for Low Power Application at the 22nm technology node and below
    F. Andrieu, et al. (Leti)
  • Vth Dependence of Vth Variability in Intrinsic Channel SOI MOSFETs with Ultra-Thin BOX
    C. Lee, et al. (U. Tokyo, MIRAI-Selete)
  • Counter-doping as a solution for multi threshold voltage on FDSOI MOSFETs with a single TiN/HfO2 gate stack
    C. Buj-Dufournet, et al. (Leti)
  • High Performance (110)-oriented GOI pMOSFETs Fabricated by Ge Condensation Technique
    S. Dissanayake, et al. (U. Tokyo, Tokyo Tech)
  • The Tunnel Source n-MOSFET: A Novel Asymmetric Device for Low Power Applications
    N. Venkatagirish, et al. (UCLA)
  • Overview and Future Challenges of Capacitor-less DRAM Technologies for High Density
    Memory Applications

    P. Fazan (Innovative Silicon)
  • Highly Scalable Capacitorless DRAM Cell on Thin-Body with Band-gap Engineered Source and Drain
    P. Tang (Peking U.)
  • Tunnel Spectroscopy of Electron Subbands in Thin SOI MOSFETs
    J. Noborisaka, et al. (NTT)
  • TFT-type Flash Memory with Biomineralized Nanodots on SOI Substrate
    K. Ohara, et al. (NAIST, CREST)

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