Program Launch: Ready for SOI Technology
Posted date : Jul 26, 2010

The goal is to build a visible, working IP ecosystem to support SOI adoption.

This spring, the SOI Industry Consortium launched its Ready for SOI Technology program, a global initiative to broaden access to energy efficient SOI technology for the electronics industry. This is an important step towards the formation of a complete ecosystem enabling designers to take full advantage of SOI.

A core project team from ARM, Cadence and IBM collaborated within the consortium to lay the foundation for an IP portal on the website. Synopsys and Boeing also contributed key IP to the launch, with an invitation extended to other developers to add to the growing SOI IP ecosystem. Others have quickly followed suite.

Initial program activities include:

  • An offer of SOI design intellectual property from IBM, ARM, Cadence Design Systems, Boeing and Synopsys
  • SOI IP availability through a new SOI Portal hosted on the popular
  • An invitation to other companies offering IP and IP services to join the growing SOI ecosystem
  • An SOI Jump-Start Training event for IP and chip designers as well as online design training
  • Participation in key industry events
  • A great search tool for finding articles and information on existing SOI applications
    by market or by company

Read on for details !

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