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Posted date : Jul 26, 2010

Leading equipment and materials suppliers have created the European 450mm Equipment and Materials Initiative – or EEMI 450, for short. The steering committee comprises two substrate manufacturers (Soitec and Siltronic), three equipment suppliers (ASML, ASM, Recif), academics (IMEC, FHG) and Intel.

EEMI 450’s global counterparts are ITB-J (Interoperability Test Bed – Japan) and ISMI (International SEMATECH Manufacturing Initiative).

The initiative has recently been approved as an ENIAC program, making it eligible for research funding on a European level.  This project marks the first time that all the major European equipment and materials suppliers, leading research institutes and related partners – a total of 28 at this time – have engaged in such broad cooperation.

The initiative is also designated as a SEMI Special Interest Group (SIG).

A task group within the initiative is dedicated to 450mm SOI proof-of-concept. Soitec will demonstrate 450mm SOI wafers, and has indicted that they will be ready to meet the initiative’s R&D and testbed needs.

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