It’s time for a change
Posted date : Dec 16, 2010

For five wonderful years, we’ve had a terrific paper and electronic version of Advanced Substrate News – aka ASN – bringing you must-read pieces from in and around the SOI and engineered substrates ecosystem. That’s not going to change.

We’ve had hundreds of articles contributed by experts from all walks of industry and academia. That’s not going to change.

We’re your source for everything SOI. That’s not going to change.

What’s changing is our website. In addition to carrying both the latest and archived versions of ASN, we’re adding a new, dynamic dimension. Which stands to reason – SOI has moved into high gear, so we are, too.

We’ll be updating regularly, with an Editor’s Blog, the latest IndustryBuzz, PaperLink highlights from recent conferences and more. When you read one of our pieces, we can now invite you to leave your comments.

To keep up with us, you can follow via Twitter, email alerts, RSS feeds, or LinkedIn.

We’re very excited to offer this great new change to the SOI and advanced substrates community.

Of course, if you’re already on our mailing list, you’ll continue to receive the latest editions of ASN, which we’ll still be publishing throughout the year. (That’s not going to change!)

Start by checking out ASN #16, featuring SOI’s leading role in the lighting revolution, and the availability of amazing ultra-thin wafers for FD-SOI.

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With many thanks and best wishes for a safe, innovative and Happy New Year.

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