Peregrine has announced the latest version of UltraCMOS® process technology-Semiconductor Technology Platform 8 (STeP8)
Posted date : Mar 18, 2013

Technology Platform 8 (STeP8)Peregrine has announced the latest version of UltraCMOS®  process technology—Semiconductor Technology Platform 8 (STeP8), which the company says enables unmatched performance in RF Front End ICs. STeP8 technology shows a 36% improvement in Ron Coff  performance over STeP5 technology announced just one year ago—dramatically improving the linearity, insertion loss, and isolation capabilities of Peregrine’s RFIC products. The UltraCMOS technology is an advanced RF SOI process leveraging bonded silicon-on-sapphire (BSOS) substrates from Soitec. For challenges such as the LTE environment, UltraCMOS STeP8 enables mobile wireless device designers to incorporate high performance components into the RF Front End while maintaining a small form factor and consistent, reliable operation, says the company. It is leveraged in Peregrine’s expanded DuNE™ Digitally Tunable Capacitor  (DTC ) product line with six second-generation devices for antenna tuning in 4G LTE smartphones.

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