ST’s FD-SOI Wins EETimes ACE Award… and Customers!
Posted date : May 2, 2013

Two important FD-SOI wins for STMicroelectronics have just been announced:

  1. The EETimes ACE Award for Energy Technology;
  2. Customers.

ACE award logoThe Energy Technology Award was presented at a ceremony for the 2013 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards. It is given by EETimes and EDN, two of the most prominent trade-media sources in electronics. The ACE Awards honor the people and companies behind the technologies and products that are changing the world of electronics and shaping the way we work, live, and play.

Why the energy category?  ST attribututes it to FD-SOI’s ability to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in two important ways.  First, manufacturing FD-SOI is simpler and requires 15% fewer process steps than equivalent traditional silicon technologies and far less than complex alternatives to achieve similar performance, thereby using less energy per wafer produced. Moreover, products manufactured using FD-SOI technology show energy savings between 20 and 50%, making end-user devices run cooler and last longer.


Accepting the EEtimes ACE Award for STMicroelectronics’ FD-SOI technology: Joel Hartmann, Executive Vice President of Front-End Manufacturing & Process R&D, Digital Sector; and Philippe Magarshack, Executive Vice President, Design Enablement & Services.

Commenting on the award, Executive Vice President of Front-End Manufacturing & Process R&D, Digital Sector Joel Hartmann said, “The Energy Technology Award confirms that FD-SOI is a game-changing technology that addresses the low-power and high-performance needs of the market. It also empowers chipmakers to deliver products meeting the dual benchmark of industry-beating “performance per watt” and “performance per watt per dollar.”

And of course, ST’s FD-SOI is ready for manufacturing now: it’s a faster, simpler and cooler upgrade to traditional semiconductor manufacturing at process nodes of 28nm and below.

Which is why we’re now starting to hear about customers!  Here’s what they had to say at their Q1 2013 Results – Earnings Call (the transcript was just posted on Seeking Alpha).

“In Digital Convergence, I’m pleased to say we earned important design wins in the FD-SOI advanced CMOS technology, the next-generation process technology that ST is pioneering,” said Carlo Bozotti, Chairman of the ST Managing Board, CEO and President in his opening remarks.

In a follow-up question from a BNP Paribas analyst, he added, “On the FD-SOI, we are working very aggressively on two fronts. The first front is communication infrastructure. We believe this is an area where the value of lower power dissipation for the same processing power / performance is important. Sometimes it is very important. And we have won the first project for this kind of application. However, there is another target area that is portable equipment, but not necessarily smartphone. There are other, I would say, great opportunities and some of these are really important opportunities that are outside the smartphones and outside the tablets, but they are very important opportunities. And, hopefully, we will have some more good news in the near future.”

Asked if it could be licensing revenues, he replied, “This is something that is possible.”

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