Soitec and Leti Continue R&D Partnership on Advanced Engineered Substrates and Materials with New 5-year Contract
Posted date : Dec 19, 2013

Advanced engineered substrate and materials leader Soitec and CEA-Leti, one of the world’s largest nanoelectronics labs, have signed a new five-year contract (press release here). This extends their partnership on engineered substrates and materials offering higher performance and energy savings at a competitive cost. The teams will teams will focus their efforts on developing new materials generations to support Soitec road maps in three markets: electronics, solar energy and lighting.

As Dr. Carlos Mazuré, CTO of Soitec, said,“In our industry, competitive pre-industrialization research, development of technology and product prototypes have become very important to make the difference. The CEA-Leti and Soitec partnership establishes a powerful alliance that is capable of answering the numerous challenges of today’s industrial requirements and building on our well-established material expertise.”

Laurent Malier, Director of CEA-Leti, said, “In recent years, Soitec has widely expanded its footprint and impact by addressing the electronics and energy challenges through its unique technologies which we developed together. Our partnership is the most efficient framework for securing research execution to support the ambitions of Soitec, and CEA-Leti teams are committed to its success.”

Soitec (founded in 1992) was originally a spin-off of Leti, where the company’s Smart Cut™ engineered wafer manufacturing technology was originally invented (in 1991).

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