Soitec White Paper Explains Value of New RF-SOI Wafers for 4G/LTE Applications
Posted date : Dec 19, 2013

eSIperformanceSoitec has issued a highly-informative new white paper on its enhanced signal integrity – aka eSI™ – wafers for 4G and LTE/A applications (to get the paper, click here).  Entitled “Innovative RF-SOI Wafers for Wireless Applications”, the paper explains the various challenges faced by RF IC designers, and how the new eSI wafers offer powerful solutions.  The substrates on which devices for LTE apps are manufactured play a major role in achieving requisite levels of performance.  They allow RF designers to integrate on the same chip diverse functions such as switches, power amplifiers and antenna tuners with excellent RF isolation, good insertion loss and better signal integrity than traditional technologies. As described recently in ASN (click here), the new eSI wafers are now in high-volume production, and are being used at most of the leading RF foundries.

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