MonolithIC3D CEO Says SOI’s the Future Technology of Semiconductors
Posted date : Jan 13, 2014

Zvi-F10-12-23Following IEDM (Dec. ’13), Zvi Or-Bach, President & CEO of posted a SemiMD blog (click here) entitled Why SOI is the Future Technology of Semiconductors.  Beginning with the assertions that it’s cheaper and easier for FinFETS, it’s a natural for monolithic 3D ICs, and it best for next-gen transistor architectures, he goes on to elaborate on each of these points.   He cites presentations by GloFo and IBS for cost, then delves into Leti’s sequential 3D technology, leveraging FD-SOI and FinFETs, as well as other SOI-based monolithic 3D IC integration developments. A recommended read.

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