GloFo could hit one out of the park with FD-SOI, says PC Perspectives
Posted date : Jan 17, 2014

“If GLOBALFOUNDRIES has the ability to economically research, develop, and produce parts on 20 nm FD-SOI, they could be hitting one out of the park,” said Josh Walrath (citing the baseball expression for a big home run) in a long PC Perspectives article last fall (Oct. ’13). “The industry is clamoring for a product that can match the power characteristics of Intel’s 22 nm process.” In the article, entitled Next Gen Graphics and Process Migration: 20 nm and Beyond, he contends that “The Really Good Times are Over” for the breakneck advances we got use to seeing in GPUs in years past.  For his gamer audience, he clearly charts the evolutions in chip design, nodes and graphics performance.  Citing the challenges at 20nm and below, he suggest that “…FD-SOI seems like it answers most of the issues that crop up with the 22/20 nm node. It does not require massive design rule changes, it can re-use a lot of bulk silicon manufacturing technology, and it runs perfectly fine with planar transistors at 22/20 nm. In a gate-last configuration, FD-SOI with planar transistors actually looks like it outperforms and scales significantly better than Intel’s 22 nm Tri-Gate process.” A recommended read.

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